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Board of the Baltic Atherosclerosis Society (2018-2021)

Margus Viigimaa (president)
Martin Serg (secretary)
Anu Hedman
Sergei Nazarenko

Andrejs Ērglis
Gustavs Latkovskis
Iveta Mintāle

Dovilė Karčiauskaitė
Žaneta Petrulionienė (president-elect)
Rimvydas Šlapikas

Our history

  • The Baltic Atherosclerosis Society was established April 15th, 1998 in Tallinn, Estonia
  • Atherosclerosis Memorandum was created on this congress and addressed to all Presidents and Prime ministers of three Baltic countries. The Memorandum stressed very high cardiovascular mortality in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania and demonstrated urgent need to improve cardiovascular prevention including lifestyle changes and statin treatment.
  • The first Board members of the Society were: Margus Viigimaa (President, Estonia), Zita Kučinskienė (President-elect, Lithuania), Janika Kõrv (Secretary, Estonia), Guntis Bahs (Latvia), Andrejs Kalvelis (Latvia), Aleksandras Laucevičius (Lithuania) and Arvo Mesikepp (Estonia).
  • The Baltic Atherosclerosis Society started to publish the Baltic Atherosclerosis Journal in 1999, which merged with the journal Seminars in Cardiovascular Medicine in 2001.


Prof. Margus Viigimaa
North-Estonia Medical Centre

Sütiste tee 19, 13419 Tallinn, Estonia

Dr Martin Serg
North-Estonia Medical Centre

Sütiste tee 19, 13419 Tallinn, Estonia

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